Past Show Winners

May 2024 Show Winners

Ringo, Skip1934 Ford CoupleClub Choice
Honeycutt, Troy1967 Dodge ChargerGold
Black, Blair1966 Ford MustangGold
Barnett, Dennis1949 Chevy Fleetline DeluxeGold
Bledsoe, Larry1957 VW BugGold
Grimes, Tom1956 Ford CustomlineGold
Grotius, Richard1957 Ford T-BirdGold
Hadley, Kyle1973 Chevy CorvetteGold
Collinsworth, Joe1960 Cadillac ConvertibleGold
Dumelle, Shannon1932 Ford RoadsterGold
Oboszewki, Wayne1964 Ford CobraGold
Piasecke, Wayne1954 Ford F100Gold
Ramirez, Richard1956 Chevy Bel AirGold
Jure, Mike1969 Ford MustangGold
Will1965 GMC 1000 CustomGold
Rose, Ruth & Chuck1956 Chevy PickupGold
Wallis, Norm1964 Chevy Bel AirGold
Walos, Emily1969 Chevy CamaroGold
Whiteside, John1973 Chevy El CaminoGold
Arnett, Al1959 Chevy El CaminoSilver
Hassler, Richard1956 Chevy 210 Sport CoupeSilver
Clary, Bob1967 Ford MustangSilver
Farmer, Ray1937 Ford Club CaboletSilver
Kirby, Dinnis1937 Ford Santa Back SedanSilver
Kranz, Mike1928 Ford Model A CoupeSilver

(Photos in random order)

April 2024 Show Winners

Ernies Auto Interior1950 Ford Shoe BoxClub Choice
White, Terry & Jerri1967 Chevy VetteGold
Falcon, Brennan1972 Ford BroncoGold
Wolfe, Roger1940 Ford PickupGold
Johnson, John1936 Chevy TruckGold
Grotius, Richard1939 Ford 1/2 Ton PanelGold
Heggenberger, Kyle1969 GMC 2500Gold
McLaughlin, Walt1964 Chevy El CaminoGold
Hawk, Guy1972 Chevy PickupGold
Hacker, Greg1956 Chevy TruckGold
Crites, Zachery1972 Datsun 240ZGold
Markin, Jery1967 Ford Mustang FastbackGold
Blankenship, Bill Sr.1967 Chevy CorvetteGold
Blankenship, Bill1969 Chevy CamaroGold
Carr, Steve1970 Cougar XR7Gold
Swan, Greg1969 Ford MustangGold
Breeden, Eddie1972 Triumph Spitfire MKIVGold
Engleman, Daniel1968 Chevy C10Gold
Isaacson, Ike1940 Ford DeluxeGold
Cobb, Jeff1949 Plymouth Woodie Conv.Gold
Carlin, Regina1967 Chevelle MalibuGold
Golesh, Russ1937 Oldsmobile L37-3811Gold
Gossert, Burnie & Tracy1967 Chevy CamaroSilver
Drake, Tom1957 Chevy Bel AirSilver
Healey, Walt1968 Chevy CorvetteSilver
Fverte, Bill1950 FGMC PickupSilver
White, Jerry1979 Datsun 620 PickupSilver
Whittington, Larry1941 Chevy Special DeluxeSilver
Gaydos, Richard1956 Chevy 210Silver

(Photos in random order)

November 2023 Show Winners

Pegnatori, Carl1975 Chevy LuvClub Choice
Farmer1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1Gold
Natoli, Kirk1959 Chevy Apache TruckGold
Ringo, Skip1938 Ford CoupeGold
Kranz, Mike1936 Ford 5 Window CoupeGold
Ruiz, Ruben1957 Chevy Bel AirGold
Hubbard, Donnie1968 Pontiac FirebirdGold
Winters, Jay1969 Chevy Z28 CamaroGold
Everett, Eric1969 Ford F100Gold
Lowry, Carole1970 VW BugGold
Whittington, Larry1959 Chevy El CaminoGold
Breeden, Les1954 Ford F100Gold
Burgess, Dennis1964 Buick Special ConvertibleGold
Magana, David1961 VW BugGold
Wright, Ralph1965 Chevy Chevelle WagonGold
Gossert, Burnie & Tracy1967 Chevy CamaroGold
Portias, Steve1932 PlymouthGold
Aemendariz, Abel1969 Chevy BlazerGold
Magana, Carrie1964 VW BusGold
Cornish, Macyn1966 Ford MustangGold
Murphy, Neil1968 Hemi RoadrunnerGold
Powell, Dwayne & Sharon1963 Chevy CorvetteGold
Clauson, Jonathan1948 Mercury CoupeSilver
Cecil, Beverly1966 VW BugSilver
Mayberry, Mike1950 Crosley HotshotSilver
Peck, Justin1970 Chevy NovaSilver
Cotton, Mike1968 Chevy ChevelleSilver
Williams, Mike1966 Chevy ChevelleSilver
Lonnstrom, Gerald1976 Toyota LandcruiserSilver
Conrad, Robert W.1952 MG TDSilver

(Photos in random order)

October 2023 Show Winners

Buoye, Steve1957 Divco Milk TruckClub ChoiceOctober
Heilman, Scott1956 VW BeetleGoldOctober
Ganter, Glen1963 Land CruiserGoldOctober
Richardson, Gary1961 Ford FairlaneGoldOctober
Mendoza, Mike1954 Chevy 3100GoldOctober
Blankenship, Bill1962 Chevy CorvetteGoldOctober
Mishodek, Tim1968 Chevrolet Camaro RS-SSGoldOctober
Kennedy, Kyle1959 Chevy El CaminoGoldOctober
Brothers, Floyd1933 Plymouth PD CoupeGoldOctober
Thomas, Gary1948 Buick RoadmasterGoldOctober
McDannell1966 Dodge Power WagonGoldOctober
Harrison, Dave & Trang1952 FordF2GoldOctober
Behrman, Jim1971 Volkswagon BusGoldOctober
Eshleman, Tina1957 Chevy PickupGoldOctober
Hacker, Greg1956 Chevy TruckGoldOctober
Bill Blankenship III1969 Chevy CorvetteGoldOctober
Adams, Kathy1965 Rambler Ambassador Conv.GoldOctober
Humsle, Tom1950 Willys JeepsterGoldOctober
Wolfe, Roger1940 Ford PickupGoldOctober
Healey, Walter1968 Chevrolet CorvetteGoldOctober
Hassler, Rich1956 Chevy 210 Sport Coup[eGoldOctober
Hamilton, Tom1955 Chevy 210SilverOctober
Barnett, Dennis1949 Chevrolet FleetlineSilverOctober
Shelton, Ron1925 Dodge RoadsterSilverOctober
Clauson, Jonathan1949 Mercury CoupeSilverOctober
Ritchay, Lonnie & Rosie1969 Ford Shelby GT350SilverOctober
Brotzman, Lexie1941 Studebaker ChampionSilverOctober
Jones, Sheldon1967 MorrisWoodySilverOctober

(Photos in random order)

September 2023 Show Winners

Pulliam, John1924 Ford TTC CabClub Choice
Lambert, Mike & Josh1966 Chevy Helms TruckGold
Markin, Jerry1967 Ford Mustang FastbackGold
Nelson, Billy1964 Pontiac LeMansGold
Polanco, Henry J. Jr.1959 Chrysler New YorkerGold
Galvan, Larry A.1956 Chevy NomadGold
Grotius, Richard1957 Ford ThunderbirdGold
Hasslar, Richard1956 Chevy 210 Sport Coup[eGold
Klaers, Bob1970 Mustang Mach 1Gold
Vernon, Michelle1966 Ford ThunderbirdGold
Roberts, Gary1940 Dodge WL3Gold
Reid, James1957 Chevy Bel AirGold
Barnett, Dennis1949 Chevrolet FleetlineGold
Betten, Doug1969 Ford BroncoGold
Black, Blair1966 Ford Mustang Conv.Gold
Farris, Bob1965 CobraGold
Gite, Jakob1964 Chevy ImpalaGold
Sylvester, Mark1974 Dodge ChargerGold
Veach, R.J.1926 Ford Model TGold
DeVince, Nick1965 Ford MustangGold
Dennis, Woody1975 Chevy CorvetteSilver
Herman, Paul1979 Ford BroncoSilver
Jaaramillo, Hip1948 Dodge PanelSilver
McCool, Rick1937 Ford SedanSilver
Ballejos, Ben1954 GMC 100Silver
Chavez, Alfred1966 Chevy ChevelleSilver
Conrad, Robert W.1952 MG TDSilver

(No photos because show was rained out prior to the trophy presentation)

August 2023 Show Winners

Jordan, Lynn1956 Ford T-BirdClub Choice
Gossert, Burnie1967 Chevy CamaroGold
Doubleday, Gary1964 Pontiac GTOGold
Reid, James1957 Chevy Bel AirGold
Joyce, Terry1953 Chevy 3100 PickupGold
Underwood, Jamie1964 Chevy C10 PickupGold
Cabrai, Landon1068 Chevy Camaro SSGold
Engleman, Daniel1968 Chevy C10 PickupGold
Hornung, Wes1977 Chevy G20Gold
Taylor, Pete1964 Ford FalconGold
Garcia, Ralph1964 Chevy ImpalaGold
Maynard, Richard1970 Dodge ChallengerGold
Breeden, Les1930 Ford Model A RoadsterGold
Underwood, Nick1956 Cadillac BiarritzGold
Burgan, Johnny1953 Cadillac Series 62 CoupeGold
Markin, Jerry1967 Ford Mustang FastbackGold
Hekler, Stefan1968 Saab Sonett 2Gold
Duncan, John1955 Chevy NomadGold
Crowley, Calvin1933 Ford PickupGold
Elliot, Matt1967 chevy Bel AirGold
Wolfe, Roger1940 Ford PickupSilver
Crites, Zachary1972 Datsun 240ZSilver
Garrity, Clark1966 Ford MustangSilver
Holden, Brian1966 Lincoln ContinentalSilver
Hundchen, Jackson1967 Volkswagon BajaSilver
Disante, Tim1948 Ford Special DeluxeSilver
Flores, Tim1967 Ford MustangSilver
Hernandez1967 Chevy CamaroSilver

(Photos by Ken Lund in random order)

July 2023 Show Winners

Honeycutt, Troy1967 Dodge ChargerClub ChoiceJuly
Fellbinger, Irene1959 Morris Minor TravellerGoldJuly
Taylor, Pete1968 Ford MustangGoldJuly
Rivas, Larry1973 Cadillac El DoradoGoldJuly
Fernandez, Dan1962 Pontiac LeMansGoldJuly
Bender, John1972 PanteraGoldJuly
Timpano, Paul1974 Shelby CobraGoldJuly
Becker, Bruce1960 Ford RancheroGoldJuly
Roberts, Kristie1969 Olds 442GoldJuly
Scott, Ellen1966 Chevy Chevelle SSGoldJuly
Martin, Terry1932 Ford RoadsterGoldJuly
Breeden, Les1949 Ford CoupeGoldJuly
Campos, Dan1957 Oldsmobile Super 88GoldJuly
Aorts, Jon1967 Ford MustangGoldJuly
James1964 Chevy Impala ConvertibleGoldJuly
Nagy, Dan1965 Shelby CobraGoldJuly
Fernandez, Dan1968 Chevy CamaroGoldJuly
Blankenship, Bill1962 Chevy CorvetteGoldJuly
Smith, Roy1960 Nash Rambler AmericaSilverJuly
Mendoza, Bob & Ruth1953 Ford F-100 PickupSilverJuly
Stevens, Harry & Melinda1959 Ford Custom 300SilverJuly
Martinez, Cory1966 Kaiser M35A2, 2-1/2 TonSilverJuly
Bragdon, Mandy1974 VW ThingSilverJuly
Gehrke, Will1965 GMC 1000 Short FleetsideSilverJuly
Clark, Tim1939 Ford PickupSilverJuly
Hayes, Chauncy1975 Chevy CorvetteSilverJuly
Redden, Patty1965 Pontiac Tempest CustomSilverJuly

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

June 2023 Show Winners

Kenniston, Larry1934 Dodge 5 WindowClub Choice
Isaacson, Martin1940 Ford Deluxe Tudor SedanGold
Gillotti, Michael1924-25 Chevrolet Superior KGold
King, Terry1952 ford Pickup TruckGold
Sanchez, Frank1959 GMC WidesideGold
Thomas, Rick1969 Ford BroncoGold
Gaxiola, Ralph1941 Chevy Special DeluxeGold
Rivas, Larry1949 Mercury Sled RideGold
Wallen, Roy1966 Chevy CorvetteGold
Paniagut, Manual Gloria1947 Chevy StylemasterGold
Coffman, Mike1969 VW ManxGold
Hunter, Joey1966 Chevy C-10 PickupGold
White, Terry1969 Chevy CorvetteGold
Walos, Emily1969 Chevy CamaroGold
Brothers, Floyd1933 Plymouth PD CoupeGold
S.B. County Sheriff1951 Willys JeepGold
Jones, Sheldon1969 Morris TravellerGold
Stephens, Michael1967 Chevy Chevelle SSGold
Hunter, Joey1966 Chevy C10Gold
Diaz, Sebastian1974 Ford F250Gold
Fenton, Vern1957 Ford FairlaneGold
Sanders, Joe1963 Cadillac DeVilleSilver
Dunkle, Eli1949 Hudson Super 8Silver
Bethurum, Ed1971 Datsun 240ZSilver
Dale & Liz1966 Ford PickupSilver
Hammer, Mike1973 Chevy CamaroSilver
Jure, Mike Jr.1969 Ford MustangSilver
Mount, Monte1971 Chevrolet CamaroSilver
Herman, Paul1957 Ford ThunderbirdSilver

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

May 2023 Show Winners

Lenaker, Don1941 Willys CoupeClub Choice
Boroluski, Chad1970 Ford Boss 302Gold
McChristian, Keith1965 Chevy El CaminoGold
Ledbetter, Steve1957 Chrysler New YorkerGold
Taylor, Pete1968 Ford MustangGold
Lymperopoulos, Andre1970 Plymouth Road RunnerGold
Farris, Red1965 CobraGold
Shelton, Ron1925 Dodge RoadsterGold
McNamara, Robert1969 Dodge ChargerGold
Dumelle, Ron & Shannon1932 Ford RoadsterGold
Nuhfer, Chris1969 Ford MustangGold
Brown, Malo1970 Chevy ChevelleGold
Futter, Tim1932 Ford RoadsterGold
Chennauct, Lee1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1Gold
Feickert, Jenny1966 Chevy SuburbamGold
Healey, Walter1968 Chevy CorvetteGold
Rose, Ruth & Chuck1956 Chevy PickupGold
Rudly, John1958 Chevy ImpalaGold
Fuerte, Bill1950 GMC PickupGold
Martinez, Cory1966 Kaiser M35A2, 2-1/2 TonSilver
Gonzalez, E.K.1955 Chevy 3100Silver
Drake, Thomas1960 Chevy El CaminoSilver
Ramirez, Richard1956 Chevy BelairSilver
Dale & Liz1961 Chevy Sedan DeliverySilver
Asencio, Adrian1956 Chevy 210Silver
Dresner, Don1958 Chevy ApacheSilver
Baldi, Sam1972 Datsun 240ZSilver

(Photos by Larry Anderson and Don Tudor in random order)

April 2023 Show Winners

Pulliam, John1929 Ford Model AClub Choice
Hendrickson, Rob66 VW BugGold
Brauer, Mike1932 Ford RoadsterGold
Hacker, Greg1956 Chevy TruckGold
Blankenship, William1962 Chevy CorvetteGold
Alexis1941 Studebaker ChampionGold
Campos, Ruben1951 Mercury Sport SedanGold
Roberts, Kristie1969 Olds 442Gold
Hoffman, David1957 Pontiac Star chiefGold
Feickert, Eddie1969 Plymouth Fury IIISilver
Burgan, Johnny1963 Ford Galaxie 500XLGold
Heilman, Scott1956 Volkswagon BeatleGold
Reilly, Terry1967 Chevy ChevelleGold
Cummins, Ed1932 Ford RoadsterGold
Ringo, Skip1938 Ford CoupeGold
Ceck, Beverly1966 VW BeatleGold
Dillon, Steve1959 Austin HealyGold
Parks, Scott & Eilen1975 MG MidgetGold
Radford, Eric1964 Cadillac Coupe De VilleGold
Shellenbarger, Dennis1935 Ford Sedan DeliveryGold
Richardson, Gary1961 Ford FairlaneGold
Mora, Art1934 Ford Sedan DeliveryGold
Carr, Steve1970 Mercury Cougar XR-7Silver
Ruh, Dennis1953 Mercury MontereySilver
Erickson, Sarah1973 Chevy K20 PickupSilver
McLaughlin, Walt1964 Chevy El CaminoSilver
Drake, Thomas1957 Chevy BelairSilver
Neises, Jim1933 Ford BB Tow TruckSilver
Dominguez, Gary1980 Chevy Camaro Z28Silver

(Photos by Ken Lund in random order)

October 2022 Show Winners (Club Ladies Judging)

Matt Elliot1957 Chevy Bel AirCandy's Pick
Eli Dunkie1949 Hudson Super 8Best Rearend
Mike Murphy1956 Continental Mark IIDream Machine
Richard & Sara Lunde1964 Ford Falcon Conv.Hot Stuff
Les Brfeeden1930 Ford Model AHot & Spicy
Nick Devince1965 Ford MustangOne Sexy Color
Dale & Liz1955 Ford Ranch WagonRebel Without A Cause
Paul Timpano1967 Shelby CobraIt's What's Up Front That Counts
Imer & Melodie Chavez1956 Chevy Bel AirBack Seat Special
James Reid1957 Chevy Bel AirGroovy Jalopy
Fraiser / Spitzer1960 Pontiac CatalinaClassy Chassis
Diane Mitcham1968 AMC JavelinBest Date Car
Rick McCool1937 Ford SedanMost Desirable
Jim Schaeppi1948 Ford CoupleJust Purrin'
Jim & Sandra MDermott1951 Chevy 3100Saturday Night Fever
Ralph1979 Harley ShovelOn The Fast Track
Larry Galvan1956 Chevy NomadBest Party Ride
Chick1928 Ford Roadster?
Wayden WrightHalloween Model AFastest Looking Standing Still
Lee Norris1966 Ford MustangFirst Love
Sam Baldi1972 Datsun 240ZToo Much Muscle

(Photos by Ken Lund in random order)

September 2022 Show Winners

Heather Hornsby1975 Ford PintoClub Choice
Bill Cheesman1932 Dodge Conv.Gold
Bill Fuerte1950 GMC PickupGold
Rob Hornsby1971 Ford PintoGold
Ron Krueper1950 Plymouth Spc DlxGold
Megan Alvarado1965 Ford MustangGold
Richard Grotius1957 Ford T-BirdGold
Ralph Gaxiola1966 VW BeatleGold
Monte Mount1971 Chevy CamaroGold
Michael Lent1972 Bugatti kit carGold
Stacy Faucher1962 Lincold ContinentalGold
Joe Pimentel1962 Chevy ImpallaGold
Bob Hawkins1949 Chevy FastbackGold
Sheldon Junes1969 Morris TravellerGold
Mike O'Keefe1940 Ford CoupeGold
Bob Farris1965 CobraGold
Steve Kaney1937 Ford SlantbackSilver
Mathew Curtis1955 Ford F100Silver
Ed Brown1965 Mustang Conv.Silver
Andre Hamann1965 Chevrolet Malibu SSSilver
Glenn Ganter1963 Toyota FJ45Silver
Juan Avila1971 VW BeatleSilver
Skip & Jeanne Ringo1938 Ford CoupeSilver
Mike Jure1959 Ford MustangSilver
Richard Lunde1971 Ford Torino CobraSilver
Ralph1940 Ford PickupSilver
Ed Guirado1965 Pontiac GTOSilver
John Rudy1958 Chevy ImpalaSilver

(Photos by Ken Lund in random order)

August 2022 Show Winners

Terry Joyce1953 Chevy PickupClub Choice
Ray Villa1933 Ford PickupGold
Dave Philbrick1962 Ford Galaxy 500 XLGold
Jake Hebel1935 Ford CoupeGold
Paul Miller1969 Ford MustangGold
Tim Coleman1972 Chevy NovaGold
Jack Vanderhall1973 PanteraGold
Marc Walos1969 Chevy CamaroGold
John Bender1966 Ford T-BirdGold
Calvin Crowley1964 Chevy C10 PickupGold
Lee Norris1966 Ford MustangGold
Harry & Melinda Stevens1957 Ford Custom 300Gold
Scott Floyd1933 Plymouth PD CoupeGold
Bunny Dumelle1932 Ford RoadsterGold
Bob McNamara1968 Dodge Charger R/TGold
Mike O'Keefe1940 Ford CoupeGold
Rich Gaydos1956 Chevy 210Silver
Lardor1968 Chevy Camaro SSSilver
Scott Heilman1956 VW BugSilver
Eric Everett1969 Ford F100 PickupSilver
Angela Hoffman1951 Ford ShoeboxSilver
Gary Curtis1955 Ford Panel TruckSilver
Bruce Elliott1964 Chevy CorvetteSilver
Johnny Burgan1953 Cadillac Series 62 CoupeSilver
Sean Jackson1955 VW Oval BajaSilver
Dan De Arman1967 Dodge CoronetSilver

(Photos by Ken Lund and Don Tudor in random order)

July 2022 Show Winners

Eddie Flores1962 Chevy BelairClub Choice
Art Mora1934 Ford TudorGold
Richard Lunde1971 Olds 442Gold
Mike Stagitto1954 Chevy ApacheGold
Kristie Roberts1969 Olds 442Gold
Bill Carey1958 Pontiac WagonGold
Dan Gosnell1959 Chevy SuburbanGold
Terrie Tanis1977 Jeep CJ5Gold
Ronnie Books1969 Chevy C10Gold
Charlie Bailey1970 VW Meyers ManxGold
Paul Herman1969 Ford ThunderbirdGold
Ed Bethurum1971 Datsun 240ZGold
Joe Horzen1957 Chevy CorvetteGold
Rebel Smith1969 Chevy EldoradoGold
Jodi Erickson1948 Cadillac Series 62Gold
Richard Ramirez1956 Chevy Bel AirGold
Ramon Torres1930 Ford 5 WindowSilver
Steve Portias1932 Plymouth RodSilver
Ruth & Chuck Roze1956 Chevy PickupSilver
Bob & Ellen Monninger1955 Ford UnibodySilver
Cory Martinez1966 Kaiser M-35A2Silver
Jerry Markin1967 Ford MustangSilver
Greg Hacker1957 Chevy TruckSilver
Tom Hamilton1955 Chevy 210Silver
Frank O'Farrell1956 Chevy NomadSilver
Gary Belanger1968 Ford MustangSilver

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

June 2022 Show Winners

Bill Blankenship Jr.1962 Chevy CorvetteClub Choice
Jon Aarts1968 Ford MustangSheriff's Choice
Dave Stevenson1968 Chevy C10 PickupGold
Cole Adams1966 Chevy NovaGold
Robert Powell1957 Studebaker Gold
Dale Supernaw1953 Henry JGold
Bob Hendricksen1966 VW BugGold
Troy A. Honeycutt1967 Dodge ChargerGold
John Duncan1932 Ford RoadsterGold
Charlie Crosby1965 Chevy NovaGold
Dale & Liz1961 Chevy Sedan DeliveryGold
Ralph Wright1965 Chevy Chevelle WagonGold
Thomas Drake1957 Chevy Bel AirGold
Erica Ross1960 Bently S2Gold
Bob Hawkins1949 Chevy FastbackGold
Diane Mitcham1968 AMC JavelinSilver
Roger Wolfe1940 Ford PickupSilver
Bob Farvis1965 CobraSilver
Sofia Stacks1964 Chevy CorvetteSilver
Alexis Brotaman1941 Studebaker ChampionSilver
Mandy Bragdan1974 VW ThingSilver
Don & Carol Averill1962 Ford ThunderbirdSilver
Haleigh Miller1957 MG MGASilver
Joe Undermill1965 Chevy C10 PickupSilver

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

May 2022 Show Winners

Larry Shaw1948 Ford WoodyClub Choice
Ruben Campos1951 Mercury Sport SedanVan Hotrod Choice
Kurt Steffens1951 Ford PickupGold
Jim Taylor1941 Packard 120 SedanGold
Monte Skidmore1949 Studebaker ChampionGold
Cynthia Bender1957 Ford T-BirdGold
Anita Humbiz1966 Chevy NovaGold
Adrian Asencio1956 Chevy 210Gold
Chris Nunfer1969 Ford MustangGold
Brandon Kumanski1965 VW NotchbackGold
Jesse & Liliana1938 Chevy Master DeluxeGold
Richard Ramirez1958 Chevy BelAirGold
Greg Lawyer1963 Lincoln ContinentalGold
Walter Healey1968 Chevy CorvetteGold
Carl Allen1949 Ford CustomGold
Skip Ringo1934 Ford CoupeSilver
Regina Carlin1967 Chevy ChevelleSilver
John Rollheiser1972 Chevy NovaSilver
Bob Terrell1969 Meyers ManxSilver
e. Castleberry1963 Lincoln ContinentalSilver
Bill Fuerte1931 Ford VikkiSilver
Jeff Ranney1971 Ford Ramp TruckSilver
Debbie & Mark Gaboiko1965 Ford Falcon RancheroSilver

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

April 2022 Show Winners

Ruben Campos1951 MercuryClub Choice
Carl Allen1949 Ford CustomGold
Adrian Asencio1956 Chevy 210Gold
Dennis Barnett1949 Chevy Fleetline DeluxeGold
Burton Beam1967 Mercury Clycloone GT Conv.Gold
Jerry Birchfield1955 Chevy PickupGold
Les Breeden1962 Studebaker GT HawkGold
Zachary Crites1972 Datsun 240ZGold
Dave Dunham1932 Ford 5 WindowGold
Dan Fernandez1968 Chevy CamaroGold
Clark Garrity1966 Ford MustangGold
Liz Howe1953 Plymouth CambrookGold
Jesse & Liliana1950 Chevy 3100Gold
Bob Klaers1970 Mustang Mach 1Gold
Andre Lymperopoulos1970 Plymouth Road RunnerGold
Jim McDermott1951 Chevy 3100Gold
Scott Welsh1956 Porsche 356 SpeedsterGold
Lou Amendola1965 Pontiac GTOSilver
Mark & Julie Bashhan1968 Chevy CamaroSilver
Richard Evans1966 VW BugSilver
Tim Flores1967 Ford MustangSilver
Larry Galvan1956 Chevy NomadSilver
Merly Jenkins1954 Oldsmobile Rocket 88Silver
John Pulliam1929 Ford Model ASilver
Larry Read1966 VW BugSilver
Randy Scott1966 Chevy Chevelle SSSilver

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

November 2021 Show Winners

Max PlainsBest Mustang1966 Ford Mustang
Joann CricksonClub Choice1948 Cadillac Series 62
Paul HermanFiremen's Pick1979 Ford Bronco
Michelle VernonGold1966 Ford T-Bird
Luke CastroGold1960 Chevy Impalla
Jodi EricksonGold1960 Cadillac Sedan DeVille
Jim ShepherdGold1954 Nash Ambassador
Jerry HunterGold1966 Chevy C-10
Dale and LizGold1949 Dodge Pickup
Curtis M. AndersonGold1968 Chevy Chevelle
Bob EllshorttGold1928 Ford Sedan
Scott BoyceSilver1973 Chevy Camaro
Russ DazellSilver1957 Chevy 3100 Truck
Paul HaislipSilver1959 VW Meyers
Mike StoneSilver1964 Rambler American
Jon HartsSilver1968 Ford Mustang
Jerry WhiteSilver1979 Datsun King Cab
Gary CashSilver1968 MG Model C
Dan ChudySilver1973 Pantera GTS

(Photos by Ken Lund in random order)

October 2021 Show Winners

Larry GacvanClub Choice1956 Chevy Nomad
Don TudorBest Camaro1969 Chevy Camaro
Clark GarrityGold1966 Ford Mustang
Danica RogersGold1959 Ford Fairlane
Greg HackerGold1956 Chevy Truck
Joe RochaGold1957 Cadillac Coup de Ville
John BakerGold1967 Chevy Camaro
John BenderGold1966 T-Bird
Ray VillaGold1955 Chevy Pickup
Roger WolfeGold1940 Ford Pickup
Terry ReillyGold1967 Chevy Chevelle
Dennis BarnettGold1949 Chevrolet Fleetline
Betty ShawSilver1948 Ford Woodie
Bill PaluzziSilver1964 Ford Falcon Conv.
Dennis RuhSilver1929 Ford Model A
Ed BrownSilver1965 Ford Mustang Conv.
Megan AvaradoSilver1965 Ford Mustang
Mike MurphySilver1956 Continental Mark II
Ted Van VoorhisSilver1957 Pontiac 2dr HT

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

September 2021 Show Winners

Jeremy & Carson MarshallClub Choice1978 Ford 150
Jim SiegmundLarry Volk Choice1932 Ford Std Coupe
Mike and Kate LambertGold1966 Chevy Helms Truck
Raul DuranGold1968 Chevy Corvette
Michael ForestGold1923 Ford T-Bucket
Stacy FaucherGold1954 Chevy Corvette
Danny GonzalezGold1956 Chevy 210
Jerry MarkinGold1967 Ford Mustang
Lynn CooperGold1956 Ford T-Bird
Dan WilliamsonGold1956 Chevy 2-Dr MT
Mark ChapmanGold1968 Chevy Chevelle
Richard GrotiusGold1966 Ford 427 Cobra
Mylinda & Harry StevensSilver1959 Nash Metropolitan
Tim FarrellSilver1973 Chevy Z28 Camaro
John RollheiserSilver1972 Chevy Nova
Tom ParkerSilver1963-1/2 Falcon Rancharo
Michael StagnittoSilver1958 Chevy Apache
Bob ClarySilver1967 Ford Mustang
Bob & CindySilver1963 VW Van
Lenny La RoccoSilver1937 Chevy Coupe
Skip RingoSilver1938 Ford Couple
Joe GutserrezSilver1920 Harley Davidson
Tim & SandraSilver1932 Ford Roadster

(Photos by Ken Lund in random order)

August 2021 Show Winners

Tom and R.J.
Club Choice1961 Ford Falcon
Chuck HopsonGold1930 Ford Model A
Bill BlankenshipGold1969 Chevy Corvette
Les BreedenGold1954 Ford Pick-up
Frank Delgado Sr.Gold1955 Buick Special
Jeremy StepmanGold1932 Chevy Cabriolet
John PulliamGold1956 Ford T-Bird
Richard GrotiusGold1957 Ford T-Bird
Marvin MarstonGold1927 Ford Model T
Rich HasslerGold1926 Chevy 2-Dr Spt Cp.
Bill and Chasey ConwayGold1930 Chevy Ratrod
Tony GoldenGold1923 Ford T-Roaster
Rob HendricksenSilver1966 VW Beetle
Frank CampbellSilver1962 Olds Starfire
Clark GarritySilver1966 Ford Mustang
Jerry MarkinSilver1967 Ford Mustang
Tom DorseySilver1934 Ford Pick-up
Tom DrakeSilver1960 Chevy El Camino
Andre LymperopoulowSilver1970 Plymouth Road Runner
Craig DonovanSilver1955 Chevy Truck
Pete TaylorSilver1964 Ford Falcon
JacksonSilver1967 VW Baja

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

July 2021 Show Winners

Alfred ChavezClub Choice1966 Chevy Chevelle
Ken BenedictGold1970 Dodge Challenger
Edwin YoderGold1955 Pontiac Chieftan
Wayne PiaseckeGold1954 Ford F-100
Les BreedenGold1949 Ford Coupe
Mark HarrisGold1969 Chevy Camaro
Bryan DodgeGold1938 Ford COE Pick-up
Dan NagyGold1965 Shelby Cobra
Paul DavisGold1966 VS Squareback
Richard LopezGold1967 Chevy Chevelle
Scott BeavdreauGold1971 Chevy El Camino
Marc AlbrightGold1966 Chevy Nova II
Kathy AdamsSilver1965 Rambler Ambassador
Alex WilliamsSilver1969 Chevy Camaro
Ron WolfeSilver1960 Buick 225
Richard EvansSilver1966 VW Bug
Saul EstradaSilver1966 VW Bug
Mike JureSilver1969 Ford Fastback
Terry MartinSilver1932 Ford Roadster
Larry ReidSilver1966 VW Bug
Henry BartlettSilver1965 Chevy Pick-up
Sean JacksonSilver1955 VW Baja

(Photos by Larry Anderson in random order)

June 2021 Show Winners

Dale and LizClub Choice1966 Ford F-100
Joey ScalaGold1962 Ford Thunderbird
Terry ReillyGold1967 Chevy Chevelle
Ron PetersonGold1967 Chevy Camaro
Tom NugentGold1940 Autocar COE
Branien & Melissa KumanskiGold1965 VW Notchback
Tom GrimesGold1956 Ford Customline
Rick EstrinGold1955 Chevy Sedan Delivery
Milt BeauchampGold1970 Dodge Challenger
Burton BeanGold1967 Mercury Cyclone GT
Greg MitchellSilver1972 Chevy Caprice
Richard MaynardSilver1953 Willys M38A1 Jeep
Jack MathisSilver1929 Ford Pick-up
Chase HuttanSilver1965 Mercury Montclair
Ralph GaxiolaSilver1966 VW Beetle
Bob FilippelliSilver1970 Chevy Nova
Les BreedenSilver1962 Studebaker Hawk
David AldacoSilver1955 Chevy Nomad
Jerry BirchfieldSilver1955 Chevy Pick-up
Wayne GarrrettSilver1966 Chevy C10

(Photos by Ken Lund in random order)

May 2021 Show Winners


(Photos by Mick Batson in random order)

April 2021 Show Winners


(Photos in random order)

November 2019 Show Winners

Mike BuskirkClub Choice1935 Ford 48
Gary CurtisFire Fighter's Choice1955 Ford F100 Panel
Joe McCannGold Trophy1940 Ford 2-Dr Sedan
Alfred BotelloGold Trophy1975 Chevy Scottsdale
Larry KennedyGold Trophy1959 Chevy El Camino
Carlos VallejoGold Trophy1970 Ford Bronco
Tony GoldenGold Trophy1923 Ford T-Roadster
Burton & Kathleen BeenGold Trophy1967 Mercury Cyclone GT Conv.
Michelle VernonGold Trophy1966 Ford T-Bird
Richard MaynardGold Trophy1968 Plymouth Barracuda
Mike and TracyGold Trophy1956 Chevy Bel Air
Lee NorrisGold Trophy1966 Ford Mustang
Jerry BirchfieldSilver Trophy1955 Chevy Pickup
Rod SkidmoreSilver Trophy1955 Chevy Wagon
Dennis BarnettSilver Trophy1949 Chevrolet Fleetline
Greg LewisSilver Trophy1964 Chevy El Camino
Wayne PuasiakeSilver Trophy1954 Ford F-100
Terrie TavisSilver Trophy1956 Chevy 3100
Steven FeenstoaSilver Trophy1969 Ford Mach I
Brandon KumanskiSilver Trophy1963 Chevy Nova SS
Ed BrownSilver Trophy1965 Ford Mustang
Dan WilliamsonSilver Trophy1956 Chevy 2-Dr HT

(Photos in random order)

October 2019 Show Winners

Carolyn HuffmanClub Choice1957 Pontiac Safari
Ron and Dejah EdwardsRockin' and Rollin'1928 Ford Woody
Mark WashburnWithout a Cause1930 Ford AA Truck
Dale SupernawSweat Dreams1953 Henry J
Marc VeilsToo Much Muscle1963 Ford Sprint
Bob FarrisDreamy Body1965 Shelby Cobra
Peter FisheringDream Machine1950 Ford 2-Dr Sedan
Bill and Kathy AdamsFastest Looking Sitting Still1965 Rambler Ambassador
Michael StephensBest Date Car1967 Chevelle SS
Manuel and GloriaBest Rear End1938 Chevy Master Deluxe
Stephen SmithMost Desirable1968 Ford Mustang
Ruben CamposFirst Love1951 Mercury Sprint Sedan
Wayne GarrettHandsome Hunk1966 Chevy C10 Panel
John BenderClassy Chassis1966 Ford T-Bird
Deb and Mel EberflusGreat Curves1972 AMC Javlin
Dan GosnellBack Seat Special1959 Chevy Suburban
Diana and Steve BuoylTop Heavy1956 Divco Milk Truck
Tom GrimesMidnight Special1956 Ford Customline
Roger WolfHot Stuff1940 Ford Pickup
Michael WellsHot and Spicy1934 Ford 2-Dr

(Photos in random order)