Members’ Cars

  This is a work in progress.  Members, email me at  for updating your information and submitting pictures.  The larger the picture the better.  IT WOULD BE GREAT IF EVERY MEMBER HAS PICTURES OF THEIR CARS ON OUR CLUB ROSTER PAGE.  Try this link for a complete explanation on the best way to take pictures of your car:

 Last Revised:   September 6, 2019

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Kevin and Cathy Allison


Larry and Helen Anderson


Nancy Anderson


Paul and Debbie Anderson


David Avila


Mark and Megan Batson


Mick and Karen Batson


Tracy and Pauline Berg


Art and America Berry


Pam Bohannon


Larry and Joyce Brown


Rick Burian


Lynn chapman


Willard and Amanda Clampitt


Kent Colby


Sandy Cox


Dick and Mert Davis


Gary and Joy Deaton


Gary Dittmar


Roy and Mary Ann Dorado


Gary and Vickie Doubleday


Tim and Linda Drom


Joe and Janet Edmonds


Finley and Fran Fields


Tom and Pam Firestone


Ron and Linda Fluitt


Armando and Brenda Garcia


Ronald and Clydel Giannini


Tom and Linda Griswold


David and Marie Hamilton


Richard and Marti Haney


Dave and Monica Hart


Robert and Sandra Henderson


Chuck and Paulette Irvin


Ken and Maria Johnson


Roy and Sharon Jolly


David and Brenda Knopp


Art and Judy Laurenson


Dennis and Beverly Lucken Sr.


John and Ginger Lueder


Ken and Dawna Lund


Robert and Caroline Marshall


Gary and Jean McCasland


Tim and Irma Mishodek


Don and Jimmi Mitchell


Carl and Charlene Moore


Allen O’Neil and Karen Bechtel


Ewan Parra


Joyce Person


Wayne and Kay Pierce


Charlene Powe


Mike Reibling


John and Caraolyn Reinboltz


Brian and Tricia Renfrow


Bruce Rhoads


Jeff and Magen Richardson


John and Patricia Richardson


Josh Richardson


George and Cheryl Sardeson


Chuck and Jean Severson


Josh and Crystal Simpson


Larry Smith


Kitty Stephens


Mike and Tracy Sullivan


Paul and Jennifer Tapia


Robert and Lesley Taylor II


Ted and Vivian Terbeek



Ron and Tina Van Arsdall


Julius and Janet Varga


Rick and Brenda Waltch


Tom and Janis Waltman


Gary and Carol Washko


Jerry and Mary Joy Whiting


Dan and Dede Wurl